Pet Product Review – Prosense Glucosamine Moderate Joint Care

I received a bottle of Prosense Glucosamine Moderate Joint Care for dogs. It contains 100 chew tablets and my dogs loved the taste of this supplement.

These chews promote bone and joint health in dogs. Each chew has glucosamine, associated with cartilage health; Vitamin C, associated with collagen growth; and MSM, associated with flexibility and movement.

I gave this supplement to my dogs for about 2 weeks and I could see the difference in their mobility. All three dogs are more than 10 years old. Exercise alone is not enough for them. Supplements like Prosense help my dogs and the fact that they like the taste of these chews made it easier.

Prosense Glucosamine Joint Care got my 5 Paws.








Pet Product Review – – Cloud 9 Cat Treats

I got few samples of Cloud 9 cat treats. The company claims the following: “Don’t blame us if your cat can’t get enough Cloud 9, simply the most delicious cat treat ever. With its unique shape, whimsical flavors and serious cat-titude, cats just can’t keep their paws off Cloud 9!

It’s so true!! My cats went crazy for these treats. Cloud 9 has created a unique, protein-based cat treat using only quality ingredients. It’s a healthier alternative to other popular treats.

So your cat gets more of the stuff they love… and more of what their bodies need! Whey protein is the natural protein found in milk and is quickly and easily digested. In fact, Cloud 9′s double protein punch gets top marks for its biological value, meaning your cat can absorb and use more of it in their bodies.

Cloud 9 got my 5 Paws!






Pet Product Review – Healthy Partner Pet Treats Barkin Bites

I got a bag of Barkin Bites to review. My dog judges, Uri and Fox loved them.

ALL NATURAL BARKIN’ BITES are a combination of beef liver and turkey.

 Each piece is easy digested and dogs seem to enjoy these treats just humans enjoy good chocolate cookies. They are natural, no additives or preservatives.

Barkin Bites got my 5 Paws!





Pet Product Review – Pet N Shape Chicken Feet Dog Treat

This is a unique treat for dogs. Mia, my judge dog, loved it!! These chicken feet treats are from Pet N Shape.

All-natural, these crunchy treats are entirely edible. They kept Mia busy and enjoying the flavor. This treat also helps to keep her teeth clean. They are all-natural and entirely edible. No additives or preservatives.

s made and sourced in the USA, and they are chicken feet!

These treats got my 5 Paws!





Pet Product Review – Dave’s cat food

I received 14 cans of Dave’s cat food to review. I went to his website and it says: “Dave’s Naturally Healthy™ Grain Free Canned Cat Food is the best value for a good quality Grain-Free canned cat food you can buy.”

Well, my cats loved every one of them! Now that the samples are gone, it will be hard to give their old food. The benefits of Dave’s canned food are many including being grain free which is much less caloric than the other regular cat food. The protein content is also high. It’s also priced right.

Dave’s canned cat food got my 5 Paws.






Pet Product Review – Katris

What is Katris? Is it a cat scratcher? Is it cat furniture? It’s both!!

I received these modular cardboard shapes to review as cat furniture. We used our creativity and placed them together. It was extremely easy assembling experience.It took us about 3.5 minutes to assemble. Clips are provided to build and secure the blocks

Each module is handcrafted by using 204 sheets of paper top grade B flute material. The modules are very strong. I left them in my backyard for about 2 weeks prior the review shooting and they maintained their shape.

Katris is made with 100% recyclable materials and 90% post consumers recycle content for the paper we used. Each piece comes with 100% organic catnip as a gift. Needless to say that my cats loved it! When they saw Katris, they were curious and immediately started exploring.

If you have cats, you probably know how much they love cardboards and paper boxes.

Katris got my 5 Paws!!







Pet Product Review – Novipet Hairball Aid Cat Supplements

If you have cats, you know how hard it is to find a hair ball supplement that they like and not give them diarrhea.

I got a sample of NoviPet Hairball, which Juju, my cat found very tasty. It’s easy to use and my cat also liked the smell of it. It’s soft chew that helps prevent and eliminate hairballs. Juju stopped her cough and I noticed she had more energy.

It’s active ingredients are Petrolatum and Vitamin E. Each chew also has 34% of crude protein.

 Novipet Hairball Aid got my 5 paws.





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